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Our Research Methodology: Unveiling Collaborative Pursuits


Our Approach

At our research institute, precision and accuracy are at the heart of our research projects. We operate with advanced greenhouses, well-equipped laboratories, and meticulously maintained research plots. Our priority is carrying out practical research projects for our farming department, where we collaborate with our esteemed farm managers to enhance the production of fruit trees, particularly pistachios, almonds, and citrus.

Evaluating Innovative Solutions

We actively engage in evaluating new technologies and chemicals across various agricultural domains, including fertilizers, bio-stimulants, plant growth regulators (PGRs), and more. Our research extends to challenging environmental stresses like salinity, drought, and cold stress.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Our expertise in research methodology and statistical analysis enables us to provide comprehensive evaluations of new technologies and chemicals. Our research reports offer not only outcomes and statistical analyses but also interpretations and recommendations for agricultural practices.

Field Research Excellence

Our field research employs a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) for accuracy. We gather precise data on vegetative and reproductive tree parameters, yield, and yield components. Statistical analysis using appropriate software extracts meaningful insights, compiled into comprehensive research reports.

Innovative Greenhouse Research

In our greenhouse research, we simultaneously run multiple projects with replicated trials using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD). We focus on comprehensive data collection, covering tree growth parameters, biochemical analysis, and soil analysis tailored to each project's needs.

Advancing Agricultural Knowledge

Through this diligent approach, we contribute to the advancement of agricultural knowledge, supporting evidence-based decision-making. Our goal is to facilitate innovation, offering valuable insights to benefit the entire agricultural industry.

Open to Collaborations for Tailored Solutions

While our primary focus is our farming department, we are open to carrying out reliable research projects with the universities, research centers and reputable companies in the US and across the world. Through working closely with their research and technical representatives and in-depth discussions, we align our expertise with their requirements to design research projects tailored to their needs. This collaborative approach ensures the generation of reliable and accurate data. We are interested to collaborate in research on  their new technologies, fertilizers, plant growth regulators (PGRs), water chemical treatments and more.

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