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Orchard Research Projects

Orchard Research projects to investigate the effect of fertilizers, salinity, water treatments, Plant growth regulators and bo-stimulants on tree growth and soil health

Orchard research plays a pivotal role in the advancement of sustainable agriculture, specifically in optimizing the yield, tree growth, and overall health of trees e.g. pistachio, almond and citrus.


Understanding the effects of new technologies, fertilizers, rest-breaking agents, plant growth regulators, bio stimulants, irrigation, and nutrition treatments on orchards is crucial for enhancing productivity and ensuring long-term sustainability.


Our team of professional scientists and farm managers recognizes the significance of this research and is dedicated to unraveling the complexities associated with these treatments. By conducting rigorous experiments and scientific replicated field trials, we can comprehensively evaluate the effects of various treatments on fruit trees, including their impact on soil health.


Through our expertise and meticulous analysis, we can provide valuable insights and recommendations to the industry, helping farmers make informed decisions and adopt practices that optimize yield, improve tree growth and health, and contribute to the overall sustainability of fruits and nuts production.


Contact us if you have a new technology or chemicals and you require to have accurate and reliable data to improve your product and to evaluate on fruit production and soil health. 

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