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 Our research services are dedicated to enhancing pistachio, almond, and citrus tree production, along with the evaluation of scions and rootstocks in various weather conditions, soil types, and water environments.


As our top priority, we focus on carrying out practical research to address the specific agricultural challenges faced by our professional farm managers in the cultivation of pistachio, almond, and citrus trees. Our mission is to improve the growth and production of these trees while mitigating environmental stresses such as insufficient chill accumulation, salinity, water scrcity and more.

While our primary focus remains on practical research for our farming department, we are open to leading research projects for reputable companies with new technologies, fertilizers, plant growth regulators (PGRs), bio-stimulants, and water treatment chemicals. We are committed to providing reliable research support to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Our research initiatives are dedicated to developing innovative techniques, technologies, and strategies that not only contribute to higher yields but also improve resource management and advance the agricultural sector as a whole.

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